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Dear players: what we need to explain to you are as follows: because currently it is the first test APP, there are still a lot of things that need to adjust,CS:GO İçin Bedava Item Kazanmak the version does not mean the final beta on-line quality, and hope the players who are to participate in the first test can understand it, we also welcome you to ask more questions! If you participate in the first test, you need to complete the following steps. If you have already completed one of the steps in the official website (such as activation, authentication), it will automatically skip:

1. Install the APP

2. Log in CS: GO account (that is, Steam account, also equivalent to "national service Dota2 account"),

3. The CS: GO account is bound to the perfect pass

4. Pass the glory certification

5. Activate the national standard with activation code

6. Enter the game (Open on April 18 12:00)

All of the above steps can be done in the APP one-time, we strongly recommend that you complete in the APP

【Related steps in the APP】

Install the APP

Please run the CSGOSetup.exe file and follow the process to install it. Please note that the CS: GO first test app can only be installed under the full English path name, and the destination folder should be empty. The folder or path containing the name of other languages is temporarily unavailable.

Log in to CS: GO account

If you are a CS: GO player, after the APP installation is complete, please use the Steam account to log in. If you have not played CS: GO, please create a new CS: GO account.http://www.csgobetsiteleri.com/jackpot/ Note: after you have successfully logged in, it will automatically start in the main interface to download a complete CS: GO APP. If you are not an existing CS: GO player and have not activated the game, it will not be automatically downloaded at this time.

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19 April 2017
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