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Laser light source also showed a rising trend, in fact, in the projector industry, this year's laser light source exposure is high, but because of the relationship with ordinary consumers, so the list of the rising trend of laser light is not obvious. In fact, the laser light source in the engineering market has a very good development, the current laser projection brand more than 20, more than 300 products, of which more than half of the project laser projection. This is the 2017 laser light source products outbreak of the most concentrated market, in addition to the field of laser TV, the number of new products is also a lot, so 2017 home laser products will continue to rise.

From a year of light source changes, LED light source and the burning laser are always showing an upward trend, and the bulb light source of the overall trend is a downward trend, which is the current projection market changes in the direction. Although the light bulb based on the product is still a lot of sales, but its attention has been gradually declining, and LED light source and the general consumer relations because of the most close, so the degree of concern has reached 55% level.

Low prices also limit the development of this market, the current rapid development of laser light, but in the business market there are few laser light source products appear in the education market laser light source projector development is also good, in 2016 there are several large single , But from the overall market sales point of view, laser education projectors only occupy a small share of it. Home entertainment projector has become the focus of ordinary consumers, business market is the traditional market, this stable position in the short term there will be no major changes. In contrast to the home market, this year due to LED micro-projector, 5000mw green laser TV and the traditional optimized light bulb projector projector new endless, it can be said that the market has been very high degree of concern. The future growth rate of the business market is not too big, the main growth momentum in the home market.

The main principle of laser beauty is the use of human tissue absorption rate of high laser, the use of its biological tissue stimulation, the lattice laser hit the skin to form a lot of dot matrix micro-treatment hole, micro-treatment hole gasification and thermal damage , To start the wound healing mechanism of the skin, so that the skin to re-grow the epidermis, while promoting the formation of collagen through the thermal stimulation of the method. 1550 nm non-stripping lattice erbium (Erbium) laser can accurately act on the target tissue, heating the dermis of collagen tissue in the water. This thermal effect causes collagen to regenerate, increase the number of collagen and orderly arrangement, thereby increasing skin elasticity and improving skin condition.

The stronger the laser energy, the stronger the irritation of the skin, the greater the degree of damage, the better the effect. As the Asians are more sensitive to light, laser exposure to high energy is also high risk, reasonable to set the blue laser pointer energy size, the density of irradiation points is very important. After erbium laser irradiation treatment, because of the healing mechanism of human skin trauma, these target tissues as a repair center, epidermal new healing, dermal fiber thickening, skin comprehensive improvement. The current 1550 nm erbium laser for rejuvenation (facial skin rough, thick pores, aging wrinkles), repair acne dents, repair scars (surgical scars, caesarean section scar, burn scar), stretch marks repair A very good effect. In addition, erbium laser can also be used for chloasma and seborrheic alopecia treatment.

The wavelength of the thulium laser is at the peak of the water absorption energy, and the closer the laser wavelength is from the peak of the energy absorption, the faster the energy absorption is. The more shallow the penetration is (0.2 mm), the irradiated tissue is rapidly vaporized and the thermal damage is minimal The As the heat damage of thulium 1000mw green laser tissue is small, the scab (shallow tissue block formed by living tissue shedding) is shallow, and the recovery time after operation is shortened, and it is easy to obtain pathological analysis. At the same time, the thulium fiber laser with good beam quality, cutting better, positioning cutting the target plane more accurate, because the heat damage and small scab, so that the field is clear, for cutting / enucleation effect is very good.

The wavelength of the thulium laser corresponds to the absorption peak of the water, causing the platelets to solidify and stop bleeding. As the thulium laser is continuous output, cutting speed, relative to the pulse output, energy instability of other lasers, the energy stability, so hemostatic effect. Thulium laser is currently used for prostate excision (cutting), prostate enucleation, summer surgery and other prostatectomy orange resection. In addition, it is also used for the removal of non-muscular invasive bladder tumor (partial urethral thulium 3w green laser bladder resection). In short, consider the use of thulium laser, to maximize the protection of the body function of patients, but also conducive to clinical safety and hospital maintenance operation.


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