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A new type of nano crystal, 500 times smaller than a human hair, can change the intensity, shape and color of green laser pointer light. The nanocrystals, developed by researchers at the Australian National University (ANU), are built on glass to allow light to pass through.

It can be used to convert light into visible light so that objects can be seen in a very dark environment. Professor Dragomir Neshev said: "the nanocrystals are very small, they can be used as a super thin film used in ordinary glasses, in order to achieve night vision laser pointer function." In order to achieve simultaneous forward and reverse nonlinear emission, the AlGaAs nanostructures were embedded in optically transparent low refractive index materials. They show that the nano plate AlGaAs antenna can transmit a backward forward two harmonic in a selected direction, and can produce complex vector polarized beams, including beams with radially polarized beams.

In order to measure the light trace of the nano structure by, researchers must manufacture devices in glass substrate, is used to measure the color never determined can be seen visible conversion, and the simulation in order to understand the physics principle of the preparation operation behind the extensive numerical. Researcher Maria del Rocio Camacho-Morales said: it is very difficult to grow nano semiconductors in transparent materials." In addition to the potential as a lightweight night vision goggles, the technology can also be used in banknote forgery and imaging applications to create security holograms, etc.. Researchers Mohsen Rahmani pointed out: these semiconductor nanocrystals can transmit the highest intensity of light, and to change the structure of complex beams, the use of burning laser pointer in order to cast holographic images through modern displays."


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