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So-called CMOS, BIOS Settings in a computer is used to record the information of a device, it is the key of the normal operation of computers. But because of the CMOS unique electrical properties, once the CMOS power outages, the BIOS Settings in all information will be lost, the computer will be in a state of cannot be started. This phenomenon is especially in the longer often happens in the computer age. The main reason is that on the motherboard backup battery use time is too long, the voltage on the low side, need to replace. But if CMOS power phenomenon often appears in the new batteries on the machine, the motherboard circuitry is considered whether there is a problem. Generally when use, we should pay attention to the following:
1. In the replacement motherboard battery, choose good, recently the quality of the production of the battery is necessary (for example, MAXELL CR2032). Frequently, because otherwise in poor quality or due to long-term storage battery discharge excessive caused a few months later, their batteries wasn't electric power. If the change battery quality is good, but time is not long, has been CMOS Battery HP Pavilion DV6000 ADV9000 3V BL CB06the situation of power, that is likely to be the motherboard circuit has a problem, need to repair mainboard in time.
2. Replace the battery when pay attention to check the original battery to see if there is leakage, if there is any leakage on the motherboard must be thoroughly clean leakage, to reduce the leakage of corrosion damage to the circuit. If is the new purchase of the machine, besides considering the battery problem, should also consider the mainboard problem and cooperate with some card problem, timely and best sales company contact address of the computer.
3. Circuit problem if you want to yourself, you can check the motherboard on the battery there is no damage to the resistance of the circuit or diode, capacitor leakage, whether the battery jumper Settings with and without problems. If the motherboard is a problem with the quality of integrated circuits, for sure, also can use CMOS Battery Toshiba Satellite A25 GDM710000003 CB19 the method to solve this problem.
The method is: use a 6 v laminated batteries or install a 2 ~ 4. 5 batteries battery box of receiving an external battery connector on the motherboard. Please note about the positive and negative side mark in the motherboard manual, must not be wrong. Just to be safe, can in the battery circuit (positive side) of 50 Ω concatenated a small resistance. Can pick up the battery connectors in a computer company or electronic accessories shop to buy. Because the battery power supply ability is strong, usually can be used for a long time, but should be no leakage of green environmental protection battery, and put the battery pack in the positioning of the internal security good, avoid the battery leakage to damage parts.
Because CMOS error is a headache thing, quite a number of machines that are because at ordinary times didn't attach importance to it and cause the machine breakdown, so in the end the author remind everybody to maintain the CMOS regularly is necessary.

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