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From the CPU itself, there is no essential difference between bulk and boxed CPU, at least in terms of quality there is no quality problem. And respectively between them also is just pack comes with a CPU box of CPU fan, wind and bulk CPU does not carry the CPU fan. And in terms of the warranty, the box that sells on the market of CPU exist different boxed product warranty for one year or three years; For bulk of CPU, the merchants will also provide one year warranty. Box on the retail market is like in a matter of fact, the CPU is part of the more demanding users and prepared, purpose is to increase the additional price to get more quality products.
Now many people are playing the overclocking, simply monkeying around a few times to improve the speed of the CPU.
Pay attention to! Overclocking will know before
A: overclocking enthusiasm by many computer players, it can be on the basis of the existing hardware cost A little money or no money let hardware performance gain greater improvement. Of course for friends of computer unclear overclocking is make people happy and afraid. Actually don't need to envy those DIY players about overclocking results, as long as you know the principle and operating method of overclocking, can also play overclocking.
B: so say I have confidence, so what exactly is a overclocking?
A: computer overclocking by means of artificial increases the working frequency of CPU, graphics hardware, make them higher than the rated frequency in A state of stable work. To Dell Latitude D610 Cpu Cooling Fan) for example, its rated frequency is 2.4 GHz, if to increase the working frequency to 2.6 GHz, the system can still stable operation, the overclocking is successful this time.
B: overclocking is so ah, so what is the principle of overclocking?
A: he said CPU overclocking, its main purpose is to improve the working frequency of CPU, CPU frequency. And the frequency of the CPU is the product of the frequency and frequency doubling. For example a CPU frequency is 100 MHZ, outside the frequency doubling is 8.5, it can be calculated from the main frequency = = x times the frequency 100 MHZ x 8.5 = 850 MHZ.
Increase the CPU frequency can change the CPU times frequency or frequency. But if you are using an Intel CPU, you can ignore the frequency doubling, because IntelCPU using a special manufacturing process to prevent change frequency doubling. AMD's -Sony VGN-FE880E-H Cpu Cooling Fan you can change the frequency doubling, but modify the frequency doubling frequency outside of CPU performance boost as well.
And outside usually and FSB frequency speed, the speed of memory is closely related to. So when you ascend the CPU frequency, CPU and memory, the system performance is promoted at the same time, this is why the DIYer like overclocking.
B: and the specific how to overclock?
A: ok, now take you to Sony VGN-FZ31B Cpu Cooling Fan overclocking of actual combat.
Overclocking mainly has two ways: one is the hardware setup, one is the software Settings. Hardware setup is used, it is divided into two jump line set up and the BIOS Settings.

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