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There are a number individuals with encountered a major problem in relation to their ASUS motherboard. The drawback entails the individual being greeted along with a “CPU Fan Error” message simply because they turn their computer on and are generally prompted cascade over the F1 button in order to keep. The motherboards by ASUS which happen to have this difficulty tend to be the 945GC, M2N-MX and a couple of others. The reason behind this difficulty could be because of the motherboards being unable to detect the rpm belonging to the processors fan.
Toshiba Satellite P105-S6062 CPU Cooling Fan
If a person happens to experience this motherboard and tend to be encountering this difficulty, there are a few problems that you possibly can undertaketo treat this condition:
Wrong Fan Connection
The will probably be motherboards developed today are loaded with individual fan ports for those system, video card and CPU, if for example the user puts the Asus M6V Cpu Cooling Fan‘s connector inside the wrong port, then that motherboard will likely have definitely not of detecting the most suitable fan for those appropriate device.
Speed of Fan Wrong In Size Slow
If your motherboard is reasonably old or has discovered a considerable amount of airborne dust throughout the years, as there are a deep chance which the may very well be inhibiting the incidence within your HP Pavilion dm3-2030er CPU Cooling FanThis is certainly unquestionably the response of along with your system for days on end time frames. In an effort to fix this condition, it is important to put some transformer oil over the fan of your respective ASUS Cpu Cooling Fans so that they can cleanse it.
The Fan Is Not Really Spinning
This is frequently considering that the motor or sensor within your fan is broken, really the only fix we have found to search out and get another one.
Incorrect BIOS settings
If your complaint still persists after utilising all the above remedies, then you can certainly try entering your BIOS, in search of the settings on Fan Speed, after which changing the setting to Disabled or Ignore.
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