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DreaM Gaming is searching for a skilled and division 1 / EMS playing Call of Duty 4 team.

Be known and able to go to LAN events.

What can we provide?

- 2 x GameServer (16 slots each)
- 1 x TeamSpeak 3 (35 Slots)
- 1 x Ventrilo 3.0 (35 slots)
- 1 x Mumble (20 slots)
- LAN support (after proofment)
- GameGear support (after big proofment)
- An active website with around 300 visits a day.
- A strong management and trustful guys.

What do we need?

- Mature guys
- Available for LAN event's if they would come up
- Available to fix as much for yourself (ex. IngameTV, cups, etc, etc.)
- Skilled
- Division 1
- Motivated
- New and talented players


IRC: #DreaM - DreaM|MPHJE - QuakeNet

+ We are also searching for

- A fluently English speaking/writing newswriter that is able to make news' about the DreaM.CoD4 team and the CoD4 scene.
- A moviemaker to make a movie about the latest DreaM.CoD4 frags and moments.

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