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# Set your desktop to a resolution of 1024×768, 32 bit True Color.

For Windows XP
1) Right-click on your desktop and select Properties.
2) Click the Settings tab.
3) Set your screen area to 1024×768.
4) Set the colors to Highest (32 bit).
5) Click Apply and OK.

For Windows VistaWindows 7
1) Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize.
2) Click on Display Settings
3) Set the resolution slider to 1024X768
4) Set the colors to Highest (32 bit).
5) Click Apply and OK.

# All background applications should be shut down prior to running the game.

1) Go to the Start bar and select Run. (If you are on Vista or Windows 7, hit the Windows key and the R key at the same time)
2) In the Run window, type in msconfig and hit enter.
3) Once the utility comes up, go to the Startup tab and hit the Disable All button.
4) Next go to the Services tab and check the “Hide All Microsoft Services” checkbox and then hit the Disable All button.
5) Hit the OK button and close the utility, and restart your computer when prompted to.

# Turn your sound acceleration down for Windows XP
1) Click the Start button > Settings > Control Panel.
2) Double-click the Sounds and Audio Devices icon.
3) Click the Volume tab.
4) Under Speaker settings, click the Advanced button.
5) Click the Performance tab.
6) Reduce the Hardware acceleration to Basic, the 2nd notch from the left.
7) Click Apply and then OK 2 times. Run the game now. Don’t forget to turn the acceleration back up to restore the high-end features for your sound card when using other applications.


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