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ey boys een maat van mij vroeg mij om dit te delen, voor mijn eigen gemak plaats ik zijn engelse post.
Hello my old friends the dutchL, it has been a while. E3 is coming up and the team and I believe we are ready to start raising funds to bring our game, A Hat in Time, to the public. The game is currently still in early development.

Yesterday we launched our kickstarter page and already we've raised over 50% of our target. Of course we are hoping the stretch goals are met as we would love to put all the love we can into the game. I mean who doesn't love split screen / online co-op in adventure games?

Kickstarter Link:

Therefore I introduce to you, A Hat in Time, a collect-a-thon, platforming adventure game in the spirit of the old N64 games you once loved, Banjo K / T, Zelda MM, Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64.





You control Hat Kid, a time traveller who is collecting Time Pieces in order to fix time. Along the way you'll run into Mustache Girl who wants to use the Time Pieces for evil! You'll travel to new worlds like the City of the Mafia Cooks or the Subcon Forest with the shamed inhabitants who hide behind masks.

We consist of a small team of 8 people from around the world and we are in dire need of funding so that we can put our full focus into this game. Right now we either have full jobs or are students or in my case, unemployed The game is being developed on the Unreal engine and is currently for PC / Mac only however we have had talks with a publisher who might be interested in bringing it to the Wii U. We can't promise this but it's an aim we have in mind.

The game will also include lots of hats! Something we found amusing and it seems to have charmed a lot of people. Of course this game will feature lots of places to explore and things to collect but we intend to add story and character to each one of them so that they don't feel like a shopping list of stuff to collect.

You have the power to make this game a reality, we just need your help to spread the word! Polycount has helped me so much in the past, I'd like to thank them by giving them a game I'm proud of!

Please watch this video to get a glimpse of what we have to offer:

Thank you!

Voor de geintereseerden, kunnen jullie een pledge maken en zo toegang krijgen tot de eerste alpha of beta. Groetjes
sjok schreef op 23 June 2013 - 20:19 #3923280
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Misschien leuk voor de 12 jarige
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yo G ben kaka skeer
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Misschien leuk voor de 12 jarige
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of als je mentaal gehandicapt bent

dit lijkt wel wat voor mij!
faxity schreef op 23 June 2013 - 22:04 #3923307
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ze hebben al genoeg pledges, komt niet echt iets nuttig meer bij als je nu nog doet imo.
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vet spel pledged :) voor de game copy iig

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