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Dus ik kwam dit tegen op het diablo 3 forum

Basicly zegt het dat je hun moet volgen op facebook en dan hun survay moet volgen om mee te kunnen doen aan die beta-key sweepstakes. Dan word je gekozen (met geluk) tussen vele anderen. En elke 4de keuze die ze maken krijgt nog een key om weg te geven aan een vriend.

Nou het probleem is alleen dat Nederland hier niet aan mee kan/mag doen vanwege bepaalde regels. Iemand heeft het hier uitgelegd

Nou wil ik niet gaan mieren neuken, maar in belgie wordt dit wel gewoon toegestaan en ik zou dus in princiepe belgie kunnen kiezen om mee te mogen doen, maar uiteindelijk wordt het toch geweigerd denk ik als ze erachter komen dat de key tot een nederlander behoort?
I dunnow...

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Blue post hierover:
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Good evening Enerla,

While I can understand your disappointment and frustration, I would respectfully suggest that you may be missing the point a little here – the legal restrictions that prevent us from offering triple XP and a bonus in-game mount in various countries in the EU aren’t interested in how enticing the promotion may be for a potential new or existing player, nor about the impact these items or lack thereof may have upon the game. They are simply concerned with the fact that any promotion, deal, or offer that allows additional benefits to be gained as a result of bringing further people to the game would be classed as unacceptable.

This means that, in the most simple terms possible, either these benefits must be offered to everyone regardless of circumstances (thereby effectively altering the mechanics of the game – triple XP for everyone, etc.) or they must not exist at all.

As one of my previous fellow forum representatives has said, I hope you can understand that there is no benefit to us to not offering these promotions in all potential European countries, and if you believe that we may be missing out a country that would indeed allow this kind of scheme without issue then you’re welcome to contact our legal team purely to draw their attention to the situation (obviously any information or evidence you had to support this would be appreciated, but I’m not trying to suggest that you go to any personal expense in this regard).

Without wishing to further inflame this thread, some of the less RAF-centred suggestions you have mentioned thus far are potentially interesting ideas (although the Customer Support Forum sadly isn’t the right place for them), so there’s no reason you shouldn’t take that part of your campaign elsewhere on the forums in order to incite constructive and beneficial discussion into what new elements you’d like to see incorporated into the game.

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