De FPS site ESreality heeft een redelijk diep interview gehouden met de Nederlandse progamer fnaticVo0. Er word onderhandere open en uitgebreid gepraat over het hoe en het waarom achter progaming. I did take a huge risk quiting university (although only being 2 months in), but I knew I had it in me after winning my two first and only tournaments back before the WT game was announced. I've placed really well, only getting 2nd twice, winning $89.500 out of the possible $99.500 after 9 tournaments. I still feel I could have done better but as I said, things go as they go. The thing about people that really want to be a progamer, it is a risk. I took the risk and succeeded, but alot of people will fail and will kill a year in their life (not going to school, not winning enough money to live on). There is no such thing as a written book how to become a progamer, and it's hard to work your way up there. It all came to me, I wasn't expecting anything great at ESWC 2004. I can still remember after winning my second group stage "oh my god I just made at least $1000 playing a computergame". And look at where I'm at now, I could not have made a better choise in my life than I did. But as I said, it doesn't go this way for everyone. Maybe I was lucky that PK was the WT game with such few competitors (although really skilled, Fatal1y/SteLam/ForresT/LeXeR, all reached (near)-god status in their previous games) unlike Q3 which had a huge following. Whenever a game has a huge following it's a lot harder to have only 1 guy winning it all, I think. Het interview is hier te vinden. De site van de Deens/Koreaanse multi-gaming clan MeetYourMakers heeft een interview met de 17 jarige Koreaanse night elf speler Freedom-Khan uitgebracht. Het is een zeer algemeen interview over de speler die op jonge leeftijd al veel prestaties heeft, waaronder het winnen van de televisie league OGN waarin hij met 2 maps achterstand nog wist te winnnen van Spirit_Moon. I know of many gamers who have been contacted and joined European teams, but because I am part of Samsung Khan pro team I cannot. As far as I know players with pro teams cannot join European teams. If I was part of two teams there would be the whole issue of sponsors and which uniform to wear. So, unless my team merges with a Europe team much like mYm and HanBit I don't think I can ever go into a European Team. Het interview is hier te vinden. De Warcraft/Starcraft site gosugamers heeft een interview met 1 van mTw's laatste recruiten gehouden: mTw.ATI|Zubie. Er word gepraat over zijn verleden als een gamer, zijn relatie met een aantal bekende 2on2 spelers, zijn visie op enkele aspecten van de game en nog een aantal zaken. What is the key to victory as a 2on2 team? Clearly, it's not just putting two great individuals together. What is the secret? It's called, "find the imba matchups". Hoo no, just kidding! The two players need to have the right chemistry. If you play with eachother and just gain the experience, you will eventually form a great 2on2 team. Nowadays most people judge most teams because of the races, but that's wrong. As long as the players find eachother, the matchup doesn't matter as much. Het interview is hier te vinden. De Warcraft/Starcraft site gosugamers heeft een interview met de Duitser die recentelijk Check 6 verliet gehouden: Fire. Er word ingegaan op zijn achtergrond als gamer (hij heeft ooit goud gewonnen met AoE op de World Cyber Games) en de recente ontwikkelingen rond zijn clanstatus. I really was not kicked. I could have had the possibility to stay in the team, but I wouldnt have recieved the same support as the american players, because x6 wants to build up an all american team. I also would have not been allowed to play in many clanwars either :) Het interview is hier te vinden.