Er zijn weer eens 2 interviews verschenen op verschillende gaming news-sites. De eerste interview, gemaakt door onze collega’s van, wordt ShoCK geïnterviewd. De speler, die afgelopen week van mTw naar Check-Six ging, werd onder andere gevraagd waarom hij voor deze opmerkelijke overstap heeft gekozen. Een snippet:
What was the reason that made you choose to leave mTw to join Check Six? Recently I have been slacking with my play, I have been frustrated with the game and how it must be played just to win. I don’t really enjoy doing hit and run all game long so mainly I lost my motivation to play. I know the US guys because we have all been together before and a “Team USA” has always been everyone’s dream to make. I felt like I owed it to myself and to the guys @ USA to help them go as far as possible. So it wasn’t the fact that I wasn’t getting playing time with mTw Rax is an understandable guy and if I wanted to play I could its just that we both knew at times that I wasn’t ready due to my lack of practice. I like to start things new, like I will begin a practice plan on a brand new day rather than on the spur of the moment so that’s what I decided to do with Check 6, make it my new obligation to ensure that I practice.
Het volledige interview kan je HIER vinden. Ook hebben onze landgenoten en collega’s van weer een nieuw deel aan hun feature “In the Spotlight” toegevoegd. Dit keer zijn ze de female-gamer kant opgegaan en hebben ze niemand minder dan aNouC geïnterviewd. Uiteraart komt in het interview onder andere weer het begrip female-gaming voor. Hierover had aNouC o.a. het volgende te melden:
Do the female gamers get to much attention in the (on-line) media? They do get some attention, that's right. And actually that's not always positive, because of that we all have to accept not only the good words, also the bad ones. The thing is that, I do accept teams getting attention if they deserve it. Teams and players working hard are the ones that does not deserve the blame!
Het gehele interview kan je HIER vinden.