Na het recentelijke vertrek van Joona 'Natu' Leppänen bij de Finse topclan Astralis, waren deze maar met 4 man. Vandaag maakte Astralis bekend wie de lege spot zal gaan opvullen. De speler in kwestie is niemand minder dan Oskari 'ruuit' Aspe. Ruuit speelde tot vandaag voor de 2e beste clan van Finland, Junk52 (oud marvel). De reden voor de keuze van de speler is volgens Astralis dat hij een jong talent is, en dat hij een goede ingame leader en tacticus is. Astralis had hierover het volgende te melden;
Yesterday the announcement of natu departing the team let us in a tough position. Of course our immediate top priority was the finding of a fifth player to complete the roster once again. Replacing someone as skilled and experienced player as natu was a hard task to take care of but after a while of thinking and discussing we managed to put one name on top of the others. The player we are talking about is Oskari 'ruuit' Aspe, a young talent, pretty much like the rest of us, filled with hunger to win and commitment to the team. He's also very skilled in-game leader and a smart tactician who made a name of himself in his former team Junk52 (Marvel) which is considered to be the second best team in Finland. We hope together with this lineup to finally live up to the expectations and through some serious training and practising in our own gaming cafe Level7 to finally achieve the top podiums internationally.
Met de komst van ruuit zal de line-up van Astralis er als volgt uitzien; Oskari 'ruuit' Aspe Niko 'NicoustiE' Hagelberg Niklas 'bloodR' Nyman Tino 'tihOp' Puumala Arto 'Guardian' Siukola Lauri 'kuviCk' Heikkinen (inactive) Veel geluk !