Vandaag vonden enkele grote veranderingen plaats in de Portugese counter-strike scene. De wijzigingen vonden plaats in dé 2 topclans van Portugal, Exotic-Island en Five Giants. Allereerst besloot João João 'RaMpAgE' Teixeira zijn clan 5Giants te verlaten. Later besloot ook de rest van het team 5Giants te leaven, dus er bleef niet meer veel over van 5Giants, dus besloten ze dat 5Giants dood was. De members van 5Giants besloten wel bij elkaar te blijven, dus er was een nieuwe clan gevormd, genaamt DisasterPieces. - Zé 'raiel' João - José 'JuDiCe' Maria - Frederico 'iNsideR' Costa - Pedro 'GrIng0' Garcia - Jorge 'tommy' Fonseca - André 'Sp3c' Vidigal Zoals je ziet is RaMpAgE niet in het team, want deze besloot Exotic-Island te joinen. De hoofdreden hiervoor is dat Pedro 'cannondale' Freitas inactief gaat.
exotic island is going through some minor changes, in order to establish itself as THE ultimate portuguese powerhouse, not only regarding Counter-Strike, but gaming in general. To begin with, our management is going through some re-modeling, with Dec0 and Manon choosing to leave their current status within the clan. Furthermore, and due to cannon's growing lack of time, we are proud to present our newest player, one that as always been one of our own, João 'RaMpAgE' Teixeira. We're confident that these changes will be for the best, and that's we'll achieve many many great things. Also, expect our webpage to come out within a few days along with a load of new information on new sponsors and such.In the meantime, we'd like to thank our current sponsors: jogosGomes, lan-Sports, X-Ray pads and TVtel.
Hiermee komt hun lineup uit op; - José 'prot' Cardoso - Rui 'cyber' Lopes - João 'RaMpAgE' Teixeira - Daniel 'kickflip' Teixeira - Ricardo 'fox' Pacheco - Jorge 'mogg' Matos - Pedro 'cannondale' Freitas (inactive) Een interview met verdere toelichting vindt je hierhier
FRAGlíder: Why did you exactly choose this team? There are certaintly more teams around the world that are more known and could give a better profit to your organization. disaster`sid: Yes we know that there is alot of other teams in the world, this bet in a portuguese team was not a bad choise, by the contrarie it was a excellent choise, Portugal had some teams back in 2002 in a WCG also in 2004 in UK plus in some other games Portugal achieved Top5 Int., for example Hypno in UT2K4, so this bet is made because we believe that some of the best players of the world might be here in Portugal, and we also got players by the following criterias:Maturity, Skill and Inteligence.
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