Zojuist is bekend geworden dat er in het Source Team van Synergy een aantal veranderingen zijn doorgevoerd. Zo zijn er maar liefst 4 nieuwkomers in het team. Matop en Blaze, beide afkomstig van mTw, en maff en scoob, beide afkomstig van Openmind-Gaming, komen het team versterken. Inmiddels is het volgende statement vrijgegeven:
After announcing our new source team a couple of weeks ago some things happened and changes where made. When boOm got kicked and yoh0 went inactive for his work we decided it was time for some drastic changes. Today we took a huge step forward in professionalizing our source squad. In search of skilled replacements we found that it would be better to replace more members at the same time to assure the continuity of the squad. It is therefore why we proudly present our renewed source team today. It will consist of 2 former mTw players: blaze and matop, 2 ex-openmind players: scoob and two of our own boys vulture & timb. This will also mean we will have to say goodbye to shady and damoz, thanks for the good times, GH m8’s. bron: Synergy
line-up - Vulture - Maff - Scoob - Matop - Blaze - Timb