Nadat gisteren Bastian het team van mTw kwam versterken, is vandaag bekend geworden dat rockstaa de 5 zal volmaken. Deze laatste aanvulling is wederom afkomstig van dRagonality, dat inmiddels heeft aangegeven hun CSS divisie te sluiten. De nieuwssite cssnation heeft naar aanleiding van deze drastische veranderingen een interview gehouden met niemand minder dan Bishop. Het volledige interview kun je hier lezen.
With bastian and rockstaa joining the team, you must be really pleased with the current lineup, but could you please introduce the new players and what roles they will have in mTw.ATI, for the people who haven't heard much about them? mTw|bishop: Bastian, our latest addition, has lots of experience from his 1.6 teams and attended more events than the rest of us. He fits perfectly into our team and Im sure we will have a lot of fun and sucess with each other... Rockstaa is coming as bastian from dRagonality, and experienced some years in pandora in the pro-series, which ended in SK as the most probably know. He lives in Hamburg and is 21 years young!
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