De CPL heeft zojuist bekend gemaakt dat de CPL Germany stop gecanceled is. Deze zou gehouden worden op de Leipzig Games Convention 2005. Door verschillende problemen zijn ze tot dit besluit gekomen, er zal wel naar een nieuwe stop gezocht worden in Europa. Deze zal plaats vinden tussen CPL UK en de finals.
Germany Stop Canceled Press Center | Monday, July 25, 2005 The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) announced today that after careful consideration and extended discussions with its strategic partners and sponsors it has canceled the German World Tour stop. The CPL partners encountered critical logistical challenges with the proposed venue, and with the use of Painkiller (a Mature-rated game) in Germany. The CPL is in negotiations for a new stop in Europe that would take place after the United Kingdom stop, and before the end of the year. Competitors that had confirmed air travel for Germany and need special assistance should contact Scott Valencia immediately via email. More information about the new World Tour stop will be available at a later date. The CPL World Tour, the largest, first-ever, year-long competitive tour spotlighting the growing new sport of video game competitions, is primarily sponsored by Intel. Another leading sponsor of the World Tour is NVIDIA.