Nadat een tijdje terug de CS divisie van al aangaf te zullen stoppen, is het nu de beurt aan het volgende Duitse CS team, namelijk SK-Gaming. Het team, dat eigenlijk de meeste bekendheid kreeg door een CPL Winter 2004 Qualifier te winnen en vervolgens naar het finale event te gaan, in tegenstelling tot hun Zweedse divisie, die veel hoger aangeschreven stonden. SK.cs zal het lopende EPS seizoen afmaken en daarna van het podium verdwijnen. De volgende statements zijn vrijgegeven:
SK|Globe schreef:
Today I'm pretty sad to announce that the german Counterstrike division of SK Gaming will break apart after this EPS Season VI. There are several reasons for taking this option. The main reason is the departure of Tim 'silver' Hochgrebe, who will join ALTERNATE aTTaX in order to play the next EPS season under their flag. But there have been a lot of other problems during the last weeks as well. The team has played almost 4 years together now and sometime there is a point where you say that its enough for now. The motivation of some players is near 0 and therefore it is senseless to continue. I'm really dissapointed about the fact that this team only stayed two EPS seasons in the end, I wish it has been gone longer. I want to thank silver, shiddy, rockstaa, macman, neon, blade and especially JuLio for the great time we have had during the last months and wish them the best of luck in their future!
SK|silver schreef:
Thanks for the great 9 months I've had here in SK, special thanks are going to my mates, globe, iantje, Griff and finally to the SK management which gave us the opportunity to attend at the CPL Winter 2004 in Dallas.
SK|JuLio schreef:
First of all I'd like to thank SK for all the support. It has really been a great time and it could have been longer but I think right now is the right time for us, the former Pandora Squad to split up. It has been 4 amazing years in which a team that knew each other from school, parties in and near Frankfurt, not only became really close friends but also a successful Counter-Strike Team. We started off playing ESL ladder games, qualified for the EPS and even made it to EPS Final. We continued to play on a high level over years. But if you play together for such a long you come to the point where you lose your motivation and you have to move on. Still for me this team is the proof, that if you work together as a team you can achieve a lot, even if you are not that skilled. There is still so much to say about each one but I will keep it short now and would just like to thank Marco, Dennis, Daniel, Jerome, Mac-Claen, Matze and Tim for a really great time. I will miss it.