De Italiaanse multigaming organisatie heeft vandaag hun WC3-team bekend gemaakt. Ze nemen het complete Team-Ownage over met enkele aanvullingen. Deze aanvullingen zijn Zerter, die ownage een tijdje terug nog verliet, Abver (ex-es4x) en eNvious, die recent zijn comeback maakte. heeft de volgende statement vrijgegeven:
After months of planning and considering Lineups, we finally found the best solution for our team. We are proud to announce that we could convince the old Ownage-Team to join up at and form the new Warcraft 3 section over here. But that is not all we have to tell you guys out there. We are happy that we can also announce that Zerter who recetly left the team is now back again and with him we can welcome two other players eNvious who made just recently his comeback in Warcraft and Abver, the famous Undead player from es4x. With this Lineup we think we can reach our high goals in next season of WC3L and the league that will follow the last season of MCL. But to avoid a lot of rumours that could come up in next weeks, we are planning to recruit 2 more players to make the team even stronger. Above I mentioned that we will play WC3L, but of course this will all depend on the admins of this league, but we are confident that we can go on with our WC3L-Spot, since we ecruited the whole squad and there is no interest from Ownage café in Warcraft anymore.
De line-up van wordt hierdoor: - Zubie - Zerter - Tharkas - SjoW - anTy - DeliCato - Abver - eNvious