Zojuist was op de site van United5 te lezen dat Hare en Duck het team zouden verlaten hebben. De leiding van het team zal aan Killabeez en cha0ticz over gelaten worden. united5.jpgHet Counterstrike team zal hetzelfde blijven, maar omdat de teamleider, Hare, de clan verlaten heeft, is het nog niet bekend wie deze positie zal innemen. Binnen enkele dagen zal Hare een update maken over hoe het verder gaat met de clan en met wat meer informatie over hun vertrek. Hieronder vind je de statement van Duck
After 3 years of managing and playing here and there I have decided to leave all of it behind. Hare and I have decided to leave United 5 to Killabeez and Cha0ticz; both being good hearted have, demonstrated to us that they are ready for the task ahead. Each of them will assume 50 / 50 ownership of the organization. To the community, fans, and teammates: I want to thank you for your support and friendship over the years. I have met some of my best friends through my ventures. I have also gained unimaginable experience in the business. For those of you looking to get into it, I want to defiantly say it was worth it. I have been on the forefront of an emerging sport and a industry struggling to define its self. To my sponsors I want to thank you for being so kind and generous over the years. I often found that sponsors are not just money hungry goal orientated corporations, but rather people, most of which turned into friends. With me it is an issue of heart/desire/drive whatever you want to call it. I have become weary, between life and school my schedule doesn’t permit me anymore to focus on the organization or community as much as I would like to. It is not fair for Hare and I to only be able to focus some of the time. You can also assume a post by Mike (Hare) in the next few days regarding this. Good luck to all. Thanks Again, Will McCain Duck
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