De Noorse community site NESC heeft een interview gehouden met juve9le van Catch-Gamer. Catch-Gamer staat aankomend weekend verrassend in de finale van het tweede seizoen van WEG, na een overwinning op 4Kings in de halve finale. In deze finale komen zij Begrip tegen. Het interview gaat dan ook volledig over de WEG, op één vraag na, betreffende het nieuwe SK.swe team.
Can you take out some sequences or players in a game or two that was really important? juve9le: One game that is worth to mention is the game against Pentagram on Dust2. The whole game on our side was basically clutch-play, especially by zevy and Juzam. First out was Juzam who pulled of a hell of a spray on to crazy Polish guys in a 1 on 2 situation on bombspot B. In one of the most decisive rounds it was the zevy show. In a 1 on 2 situation on bombspot A he plants the bomb, and hides behind one of the boxes on the bombspot. He was lucky enough to hear that both was coming in from the long hallway. One of their guys starts to defuse the bomb while the other one is guarding against the stairs, and zevy is coming out of his hidingspot to take out both of them.
Het hele interview kun je HIER vinden. (Stukje naar beneden scrollen voor de Engelstalige versie)