Vandaag is bekend geworden dat de welbekende Engelse clan lastchance het Counter-Strike team zal worden van de engelse communitysite CSGN. Lastchance werd door veel mensen gezien als de 2de clan van Engeland na 4Kings. CSGN heeft naar aanleiding van deze verandering een statement vrijgegeven wat je hier kunt lezen.
As part of our gradual diversification within the Counter-Strike gaming community, CSGN has long considered the prospect of starting its own gaming team. From almost the day we started to run gaming competitions, we have been approached by many individuals and whole teams alike, suggesting the formation of our own team (Team CSGN). To date, due to the work load associated with the development of the site, we have been unable to supply the resource necessary for such a project. However, due to the maturity that CSGN had attained through the hard of many support staff over the past 3 years, we are now in a position to announce that we have indeed taken this initiative off ice, and set it into motion. The basic principle behind the formation of our own gaming team is the continual theme of giving back to the UK gaming community. After all, this is the reason CSGN was established. The prospect for a team to become part of a larger organisation, offering sound support, organisational skills and resources, is something we feel that we are able to do, and thus make them more able to achieve to their potential.
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