De bekende Warcraft 3 community site WCReplays heeft een uitgebreid interview met de Nederlandse sterspeler RotterDaM gemaakt. Er komen een hele boel onderwerpen aan bod: ACON 5, fnatic, Grubby en nog veel meer. Klik hier om het interview te lezen.
.78 Chance: A lot of people make similar comparisons between you to him, being both from the Netherlands? Do people ever ask you if he trained you? Do you ever feel as though you're trying to fight through the monolithic shadow he casts over the Warcraft scene? fnaticRotterDaM: Haha, no, not really. Grubby is a much better player than me, and I need to show much more than I have so far to say I could step through his shadow and stand on my own. I just play my game and I do my best, but I don't compare myself with Grubby. But yeah, because we come from the same country and both play Orc, when I was in China for ACON5, a lot of people would come up to me with questions: "Is Grubby your master?" "Grubby train you?" "Grubby teach you play yes?" It was pretty funny.