De grote amerikaanse gaming-site GGL heeft een heel uitgebreid interview gehouden met onze Nederlandse painkiller-trots Vo0. Het interview is zo uitgebreid dat het in delen zal verschijnen, en vrijdag zullen we het tweede deel kunnen verwachten. Het eerste deel gaat vooral in op het zijn CMPA tijd en op het verloop van de afgelopen Worldtour-Stops. Je kunt het interview hier vinden.
To push him a little bit I reiterate the words of Fnatic's manager, Sam: "Sander just won't lose to Fatal1ty." The Dutchman replies: "I don't want to lose against anyone, I rather see myself winning events. But I prefer to see people win events who I am better friends with, like stermy or my fnatic team mates for example. It's not like he didn't have the chance to beat me in Sweden. He did beat me on Sacred in a really close game in the WB final. And as I said, he could have won a map in the final too but I just pulled off shots in the end at the perfect time. Those clutch shots in PK do really matter a lot, you cannot afford to miss too many of those shots because that makes you lose games. And that's where I excel, I've had so many close games in all these tournaments where I win by just a small number of frags. It's just about making the perfect choices in those key moments in a match." The last bit, he adds, is one of the reasons why he is still the number one.