Al een hele tijd geleden is Team-Dignitas begonnen met het "In The Spotlight" zetten van verscheidene gamers. Deze keer heeft d.SpadEs de Painkiller speler - Sean 'Daler' Price - aan de haak geslagen. In het interview heeft Daler het over verscheidene zaken: Painkiller, zijn game-carrière, zijn vrijetijdsleven, en nog veel meer. In de read more vind je een stukje van het interview en een link naar het volledige interview.
Team Dignitas: What was your first gaming experience? When did you start playing seriously on a top level? daler: My PC gaming experience goes back like anyone else's to the days of doom1/doom2 on a 486. I think that was generally where I started to have fun playing FPS's, it was up until Quake 3 came out that I really began practicing, or more so trying to get good competitively. My first 1v1 tournament was Quakecon 2002 in Quake3 in which I did not hold any high expectations but went to have fun, compete for the first time, and see how I faired against the best in the world. I ended up finishing 2nd place and winning $10,000 after defeating Makaveli and then Fatal1ty twice but went on to lose to the Russian Lexer. As you can imagine, this was quite surprising for both my wallet and my perception on how well I played the game as I never knew what level I played at. This was really the first time I played at such top level and went on from there to enter tournament after tournament.
Klik hier om het volledige interview te lezen. Team-Dignitas heeft ook gemeld dat Fatal1ty de volgende keer "In The Spotlight" zal staan.