Op de website van GGL is vandaag een interview met Ola elemeNt Moum verschenen. elemeNt heeft kortgeleden zijn clan NoA verlaten voor 4Kings. In het interview passeren allerlei onderwerpen de revue, zoals bijvoorbeeld zijn vertrek bij SK en NoA. Kortom een erg interessant interview om te lezen;
The word "Clanhopper" is one that very often accompanies elemeNt's nickname and he hardly enjoys it. The star played with all the leading clans over the past few years but also left them remorselessly. "Back then when I was still in eoL," he explained, "we had some internal problems and at least one other player was talking about retirement. I was the first one to make a move, someone else probably would have if I hadn't." With the Swedish SK, he won nearly everything there was to win in Counter-Strike in 2003, except for the WCG, a tournament he could not enter due to his nationality. Then came his shocking departure to NoA. Why leave the best CS team in history?
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