Global Gaming League, de partner van Clanbase in de Verenigde Staten, heeft een interview gehouden met Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson van SK-Gaming. bds is lange tijd manager geweest van het succesvolle SK.swe CS team (en heeft er in een ver verleden zelf nog voor gespeeld). Sinds korte tijd heeft hij die positie echter overgedragen aan Gosey, en bekleedt nu zelf de functie van Global Manager. Het interview gaat o.a. over wat die funtie precies inhoudt, de team veranderingen en de toekomst van SK-Gaming...[read more]
snippet schreef:
How is it possible that those players who have left say that they have better deals at their new clans? SK is a clan that seems to have one of the biggest budgets in gaming, if not the biggest one. There is always a lot of talk. I had so many discussions about salary with the old team where they compared with other organizations and told me they make a lot more. First of all I kind of new it was not true, but to be sure I just asked the leaders of those teams. And in many cases the players exaggerated by up to five times as much. I also know we offered the old team more than they are currently getting. But I understand if they want to create something on their own (and I dearly hope they have a majority in shares and at least 10% each for them to be able to do so). When it comes to the UT team our decision (as I told you before) was to take away the focus from that team, and naturally organizations who really want to recruit them, needs to offer a good deal.
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