cblogo.gifDe Call of Duty Eurocup is ondertussen al ver gevorderd en de groupstages lopen op hun einde. Clanbase vond het dan ook nodig om wat op te helderen rondom de playoffs . Er zijn enkele belangrijke veranderingen die voor heel wat discussie zullen zorgen in de CoD scene.
Playoffs will start at 18th of april. There will be 16 teams entering to double-elimination four (4) from each group. Seedings will be done by clans ranking in group. All clans that have finished as number one in their group will get seeding 1-4. Then clans are ranked by their round ratio. So clan with best round ratio will be 1st in the seedings. This change has been done because of AmeriCup and it`s late starting. Double-elimination is also more competitive than our old fashioned playofftrees where you get dropped out after one loss. There will be two maps each week. First week maps will be announced 11th of april and all maps are taken from EuroCup mappool. Good luck to all clans that are participating in playoffs.
Een heel erg mooie verandering die er bovendien ook voor zal zorgen dat de Eurocup langer zal duren dan voorzien. Er beloven dus nog enkele zeer spannende matches plaats te vinden!