In de aanloop na de volgende CPL PK World Tour Stop in Zweden duiken er vanaf de verschillende gamesites weer interviews op met bekende Painkiller spelers. Als eerste werd de “progamer himself”, Fatal1ty, geïnterviewd door Gotfrag. In dit interview gaat het zowel over het spellen van Painkiller en andere spellen als over zijn normale lezen. Hieronder een snippet van dit interview:
You have long been an internal benchmark to what a "pro" gamer is all about, how do you feel the rest of the gamers are doing in becoming more business savvy like you? I definitely believe a lot of them are working the angles they can and are making a decent living for today. I've been raising the bar for gaming the last 6 years, and I plan to continue raising that bar for the next 50 years. The Fatal1ty brand is dedicated to giving back to gaming and will continue to help sponsor and raise the bar of competitive gaming worldwide. Even if I'm not sponsoring the player, team or event, with our efforts and our dedication, hopefully, other sponsors and companies will see how we did it and will start to follow the same approach as we have. I want to see gaming to succeed overall.
De rest van het interview lees je HIER SK-Gaming heeft een interview gedaan met|Booms. In dit interview gaat het over het gamen, over de World Tour en Painkiller, maar ook over zijn prive leven. Een snippet van dit interview:
Who impressed you the most at the CPL Brazil and why? Me. why? Because I got 8th place and I know that I can do much better...but it will be really hard because all of top 16 players seems to be in a same level, so anything could happen.
De rest van dit interview lees je HIER HF reading