Een aantal dagen geleden werd al bekend dat fisker niet deel zal nemen aan WEG2, met zijn nieuwe team NoA. Zijn vervanger was snel gevonden in de persoon van Quick. Op de website van NoA is nu te lezen dat fisker het team definitief heeft verlaten. De samenwerking tussen beiden was dus van zeer korte duur. Quick is zijn tijdelijke vervanger voor WEG2.
Fisker, who was added to the team very recently, has left NoA. This was an abrupt decision and we consider it to be of a un-professional and immature nature. It is things like this that damage CS and the gaming scene as a whole. We hope that in the future, these sort of situations can be avoided and a level of stabile professionalism can be sustained and upheld. Because WEG Season 2 is approaching so rapidly, NoA has picked up Quick as a temporary stand-in. Quick has played on such teams as A-laget, Team9, and Adrenaline. Often thought of as one of the fastest awpers in the world, Quick has been playing 1v1 matches in the Q-Tour. Out of 800 matches in the last 6 months, Quick was defeated only 7 times. With 5 great players ready to go, NoA is confident of defending their WEG title. The team has already arrived in Korea, just in time for a few days of practice before their first match (against Begrip) of Season 2 taking place on June 6th. - We had a short amount of time to come up with a player, but I am really satisfied that we could get a player of Quick`s calibre. Says team leader Joergen “XeqtR“ Johannessen.