Zojuist zijn er drastische veranderingen in de line-up van NiP bekend geworden. Door de "tegenvallende" resultaten van NiP zullen vier spelers het team verlaten waarna NiP vervolgens een nieuw team zal gaan samenstellen met als doel het behalen van de nummer 1 positie in de wereld. De spelers die het team verlaten zijn: - SpawN - vilden - hyper - ahl Dit betekent dus dat het team nog maar uit twee spelers bestaat. Wel is bekend geworden dat Potti , voorheen inactive member, weer actief zal worden in het team. Voor alle duidelijkheid zijn dit nog de twee overgebleven members: - HeatoN - Potti In het statement van NiP staat dat de drie nieuwe spelers al geregeld zijn dus dat is het volgende waar we naar uit kunnen kijken...
Since the revival of Ninjas in Pyjamas our most faithful fans have been backing us up, saying that we're still the #1 Counter-Strike team in the world. Some of our players did their absolute best to maintain the spot as the best Counter-Strike team ever, and others didn't. For each event we didn't win we knew that we let our fans down. People started to loose faith in NiP after the ACON5 qualifier and we can't have it that way, we still want to prove to the world that we are the #1 Counter-Strike team in the world. Therefore the team captain of Ninjas in Pyjamas, Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen, has decided to let go of Christian 'vilden' Lidström, Daniel 'hyper' Kuusisto and Michael 'ahl' Korduner because of their lack of interest when it comes to practising and also due to their poor results during the latest events NiP has participated. Also Abdisamad 'SpawN' Mohamed has chosen to leave NiP and keep playing with the previously named players. This is what Peter Hedlund the CEO of Ninjas in Pyjamas AB has to say about this matter: "For us it's all about performance, performance, performance. We have seen an increase in lack of motivation so something had to be done. Because of the hard competition in e-sport nowadays our players have to focus to 110% when it comes to practice schedules and matches. This is not for fun, playing Counter-Strike is their job and it has to be taken as seriously as any other job. No one playing for NiP should ever feel confident in his/her position. It's all about performance individually as well as a team." Here's what Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen says about his decision: "It's kind of sad when things like this happen but as always there are lots of other players available out there who can take the empty spots in the team and as Peter says this is our job and it has to be taken very seriously, otherwise we can never be the #1 team in the world." To be a world top team you need to have a successful combination of players where everyone in the team hungers for victory. Tommy 'Potti' Ingemarsson will be coming in as a fulltime player again and we have already arranged three new players to fill up the empty spots. We wish all the best to ahl, SpawN, hyper and vilden and whichever teams they might be joining. We are sure that our roads will be crossed again in the future and that they will evolve as both persons and players until the next time we meet.
*update* Fragbite heeft een interview gehouden met vilden die kan je [link=http://www.fragbite.com/?newsID=8334#eng]HIER[/link] lezen.