Vandaag is de nieuwste versie van de populaire Call of Duty mod PAM vrijgegeven, genaamd PAM 1.08 Beta 1. Een leuke verniewing is de pam mode voor de bash ronde. Elkaar neerschieten met inspelen niet meer mogelijk en de autodemo functie is verwijderd. [read more] Hier de volledige lijst met veranderingen die zijn aangebracht :
1.08 Beta 1 Changes
1) Removed Auto-Demo completely. 2) Removed all Scrim modes as they are no longer needed 3) Integrated PAM UO's Ready-Up into PAM 4) Added cvars to control nade spawn counts based on weapon type: scr_rifle_nade_count scr_smg_nade_count scr_mg_nade_count scr_sniper_nade_count 5) Optimizations of script: Moved League Logos into Rule files Rebuilt Weapon Limit Script to be much more efficient 6) Made weapon limits such that setting a weapon limit to 0 or 99 would DISABLE the weapon limit checks for that weapon. This can prevent PAM from automatically turning on weapons that the server admin is trying to disable. 7) Added a cvar to control whether or not the MG42 (stationary machine guns) are spawned on the maps (scr_allow_mg42). 8) No more killing during warm-up. 9) Added scr_force_bolt_rifles cvar. This will force all Americans and Russians to spawn with the Nagant Rifle, British to spawn with the Enfield Rifle, and Germans to spawn with the Kar98 Rifle DESPITE whatever weapon they choose. 10) Rebuilt the way OT is done so that it is more versatile and OT can be called up from rcon if necessary. 11) Weapon-Limit CVAR CHANGE: I have combined allied and axis cvars into 1 generic cvar. sv_alliedSniperLimit and sv_axisSniperLimit becomes simply sv_SniperLimit. I have never seen ANYONE set up different limits for different teams in matches or in pub, and this just makes it easier to use. The same is true for all Weapon Limit cvars (smg & mg). 12) Added/modified/corrected several leagues' rules. 13) Changed TWL pam_modes to be more user-friendly. They are now: twl_ladder, twl_league, and twl_rifles. 14) Added a pam_mode for BASH rounds (pam_mode "bash_round"). This will only allow damage to be given to other players by bashing them with a pistol. All other weapons are removed. Once the bash round is over and side-selection has been won, you can then move on to your normal pam_modes. 15) Ported over PAM UO scoreboard to vPAM. 16) Re-enabled Stock Axis/Allies Win Announcement for Round Wins. 17) Added the server PK3 checker that will inform ALL players if there are non-stock PK3 files on the server.