SK-Gaming heeft een interview gehouden met Shortround, de bekende Amerikaanse NE-speler die speelt voor de multigamingclan mousesports. Er wordt gesproken over zijn optreden in de WEG2005, de WC3L en zijn toekomst.
You play the race Nightelf. Please tell us why you chose that race and what you think about its strengths compared to the other races. I orginally chose NE in Warcraft 3 beta, because I wanted to play one of the two new races. So i randomly picked NE. Its strengths include the versitilty of starting strategies for NE. Other races have good solid strategies they can play every time because there is virtually no good counter to it. So they can just perfect their strategy and play at it, allowing them to become a really strong player.
Je kunt het hele interview hier vinden.