Nadat gisteren werd aangekondigd dat Destrukt terugkeerde naar zijn oude team zEx is nu bekend geworden dat ze het nieuwe team worden van de multigaming clan Check-six. Wat er gebeurd is met het oude gerenomeerde team van Check-six is niet bekend gemaakt, zij hebben in ieder geval de organisatie verlaten vanwege problemen die waren ontstaan in de afgelopen weken. line-up: - Derek "Titus" Clark - Dan "Aimetti" Aimetti - Brian "Destrukt" Flander - Sam "hickeeey" Hickey - Aran "i0nz" Curbelo - Himal "Patel" Patel - Andy "Rectoor" Rector - Kevin "HolyMan" Lawler Ook is er een statement vrij gegeven:
Check Six is proud to announce the new addition to their gaming group for the CS 1.6 division. Check Six has picked up the players from team Zex. As the new team leader has stated: 'We wanted to take the next step, and gain the ability to attend more major LANs. Our goal is to compete with the top teams in the world, and with the Check Six organization we hope to make this a reality. It’s a great move for the players to a very professional organization' Check Six have had some issues over the past few weeks and it is with great regret that we have had to drop the current team. We wish this team all the luck in the future and thank them for all the hard work they have put in to the group. We were very sad to see a longstanding member of the Check Six organisation leave to take up a position with Zex gaming in their CS division but are delighted to welcome Brian "destrukt" Flander back to the group so quickly. This team comes with a deep rooted history in the Counter-Strike scene and we can't wait to get the team playing with Check Six. This new roster takes place immediately so get ready for some great games!