Nieuwe week, nieuwe Steam update. Ook op deze vrijdag de 13e komt Steampowered met een flinke CS: S, Half-Life2, Source Engine en SourceTV update. Bij deze update zijn ook 2 nieuwe Source maps, namelijk de_inferno en de_port. Deze 2 maps zullen ook gelijk als warmap gebruikt worden. De gehele changelog is als volgt:
CS: Source * New map: de_inferno * New map: de_port * Updated Counter-Terrorists player model with new headgear and color scheme * C4 red flash displays properly if the bomb is planted under water now * C4 explosion damage is no longer affected by water * When a map is loaded, an associated .cfg file is automatically evaluated. This cfg file must be located in the cstrike/maps/cfg folder and be named .cfg. For instance, the file cstrike/maps/cfg/de_dust.cfg will be evaluated when the map de_dust is loaded. This is useful for per-map rules, bot rosters, etc. * Added new route to roof of hostage shack in cs_compound, and improved bot navigation in the map * Players must now target another player for at least a half second before the player ID text hint shows up * Grates/chain link fences no longer affect bullets * Counter-Strike player ragdolls are now affected by ragdoll magnets * Fixed a bot crash caused by finding too many hiding spots in a region * Bots no longer attack enemies that are very far away unless they have a sniper rifle, or the enemies are shooting at them. Instead, they track the enemy and move to a better attack position * Bots understand +use doors now and will pause to open a door before continuing through it on their way to whatever they were doing * Bots use less CPU now, especially when in combat with far away enemies * Extended the syntax of the bot_add, bot_kick, and bot_kill commands to also accept "t" or "ct" arguments. * Fixed bug where bots would stop and become unresponsive if they wanted to hide in an area with no hiding spots * Improved bot navigation on the windows and ledges of cs_italy * Fixed recording value of cl_interp in demo files and restore value during playback Source Engine * HTTP downloads from the game server system support downloading .bz2-compressed files * Disable old style (non-challenged) server queries by default (use the sv_enableoldqueries cvar to change this behavior) * Added cvar tv_delaymapchange to delay map changes caused by frag/time limit until the whole game is broadcasted via SourceTV * Fixed lag compensation invalidating bone cache for players moved back in time. * Fixed lag compensation interpolation error between 2 ticks Half-Life 2 * Fixed some NPC actions not being properly randomized SourceTV (part of the Source Dedicated Server) * Fixed memory leak in relay servers by releasing receive tables correctly * Bandwidth output in tv_status in kB/sec rather than bytes/sec * Running a new map command (spawning a server) shuts down TV relay in same process * Fixed SourceTV chase cam following ragdolls of dead secondary targets