Een week geleden won Finland van Noorwegen met 16-14 in de ESL ENC (Electronic SPorts League - European Nations Cup). Finland is gedisqualificeerd vanwege cheaten in deze match. naSu van Serious Gaming heeft gemodificeerde bestanden gebruikt bij het anti-cheat programma van de ESL; Aequitas.

GuArdian van Astralis gaf de volgende statement:

Finland wasn't cheating. Nasu didn't use cheats. He just didn'thave the aequitas on during the game and was just too lazy to ask usfor any help with it 'cause he didn't know how to even use the program.It's just stupid that ENC's statement makes it sound like he wascheating, when he wasn't.

Team Finland is gebanned van de ESL ENC. ESL had zelf de volgende nieuwspost op hun website geplaatst met de reden voor de disqualificatie:

Unfortunatly team Finland today reached the 12 penaltypointslimit as they currently have 14 penalty points and according to the ENCrules that means they are disqualified. All the matches from teamFinland will be erased. First of all they gathered 6 penalty points bynot giving out statements and line ups on time. Added to this fact inthe latest match a finish player manipulated an aequitas file wich leadto the finish team receiving another 6 penalty points reaching thelimit of 12.

6.9 Half Life: Counterstrike 1.6 Tournament Match Penalties

If any National Team or National Team Player violates any of therules, penalties can be given out by the ESL European NationsChampionship Tournament Directors in the form of match forfeits orpenalty points. Should a participating National Team or National TeamPlayer recieve 12 penalty points or more, they will be disquallified.We regret it had to come to this but team Finland left us no other choice.

Als laatste heeft ook naSu zelf enkele woorden gesproken tegen de website 'Fragbite':

Well as some of you know the match was shown in GIGA TV, and as wewere about to start the match I couldn't get aequitas (the ENCanti-cheat) to work, even though it had worked just fine for theprevious matches. The admins just kept pushing us and telling us tojoin cause it was shown on TV so I told that to my teammates and weagreed I'd play without it, when you're playing versus some of theworld's best gamers you wouldn't think they'd accuse you of cheatingsimply because you couldn't get an anti-cheat program to work,especially when there was nothing shady about the way I played in thematch. That sums it up I guess.