Een tijdje ging het niet goed met H2k.css, dat ook wel bekend stond als de pixelheroes en fine. Ze vielen internationaal op door de Clanbase Opencup te winnen, waardoor ze nu in de Eurocup spelen. Met Kadi die inactive ging, relaxxt die stopte met spelen, hebben ze veel try-outs geprobeerd, waarvan er veel niet geschikt waren. Dat is nu weer anders. Zij hadden een tijd geleden al een speler toegevoegd, namelijk Marcus, en gingen daarna op zoek naar een 5de en een 6de. En die hebben ze gevonden! Het zijn niemand minder dan Rutger "ylSs" Smeding, de voormalige EDiT speler, en lobo, een oude 1.6er die o.a. in X-conneXion speelde, die goed bevriend is met Marcus waardoor zij het eens werden dat hij een goede toevoeging zou zijn. Nu heeft H2k.css dus een volledige line-up, met een mix tussen Nederlandse en Duitse spelers, waardoor ze zich nu eindelijk kunnen focussen op het winnen van echte events. H2k.css staat momenteel 1ste in hun poule in de CB: Eurocup.

Officiële statement H2k:

Today, H2k is announcing a couple of changes within the Counterstrike: Source team. First of all, two new players will be joining the team. These two players are ylSs and lobo. ylSs is very known within the Dutch CSS scene, together with his former team EDiT he has accomplished alot within Counterstrike: Source. In H2k.CSS, he will act as ingame stratcaller. The second player that will be joining is lobo. This german guy, that used to play for the German top team X-conneXion, is returning from inactivity. His former clanmate H2k|Marcus convinced him to come back and play for H2k.css. Unfortunately, we also have to announce that kadi will be going into inactivity. Due to real life soccer commitments, he is no longer able to play an active role within our Counterstrike: source team.

Back again soon.

Jack "Le_Freak" Benard
Edward "YaMi" Kraak
H2k management

De nieuwe line-up:


Naar aanleiding van deze toevoegingen, besloten wij van Gamelux een interview af te leggen met Marcus.

Gamelux: So Marcus, not everybody knows you yet, can you give a little introduction to us?
Marcus: Hello my name is Marcus 'Marcus' Hoffmann, I'm 20 years old and I live in Germany (we will win the WM tbh!) I was playing cs all the years on a very high level in germany with "southern Division" but then i got exams at the age of 18 and had to go inactive. After my exams Source came out and a friend (privaterico biggrin smiley) convinced me to play Source. I started to play it for fun but after a while I got to much fun in playing this game that I decided to play active again. Then I joined up with X-conneXion which were one of the best teams in Germany at that time. (I'm not cocky biggrin smiley) But then 4 guys went inactive and lobo and I were on our own. Then I decided to play in a foreign team and signed up with #fine (now H2k). Thats were i am now! biggrin smiley

Gamelux: What were your first thoughts about the guys from H2K?
Marcus: Ehm ... I thought that they were really nice guys and it fits good the first time. but after a while the spirit was missing and there was a crack in the team. but now i got a very good feeling again. I was just laughin' all the time about their really stupid languague... I mean just stupid kaskopps! ^^ kolki kolki frog frog !

Gamelux: At the moment, you guys are first in your Eurocup poule. How far do you think you s can come with this new line-up? Reaching the finals?
Marcus: I think we got a really good lineup at the moment and we can be on top with the lineup. but to be realistic I think we can get to the half finals or something like that. It's not that perfect like in teams that are already playing 1 year together. But maybe ... On a good day ... Who knows biggrin smiley
But when the time is ripe we are able to do this, im sure of that!

Gamelux: Are there any events you guys have in mind in the future?

Marcus: We want to go to some lans in europe of course. The first thing we will do together is a bootcamp in The Netherlands in the summer. After that we will see which lan has good prices for a source tournament tongue smiley. Maybe we will be attending Drome 13.

Coming back to the European scene, which clans are in your top5?
1. InsigniaCadre
2. Adastra
3. Northern Darkness
4. riZe!
5. -CSA-

Gamelux: As a finishing question: can you tell us your vision about the future that lies ahead for Source?

Marcus: I got a good feeling about the future of source, in the USA source is getting more and more popular and i think in Europe it is stacking at the moment, but if SourceTV gets fixed, I think that you can watch a source game like a 1.6 game. The game will become more and more popular and the events will host it I think. So PLLLLLLLZ PLLZZZZZZ VALVE PIMP SRCTV!

Gamelux: I'm wishing H2k.css the best of luck. So jolly German, any shoutouts at last?
: You are tooooooooll ! biggrin smiley And shoutouts to H2k, sycnoobies biggrin smiley, privaterico and all the guys in kreaturen! And ofcourse a big thanks to, Qpad, Razerzone,, speedlink, Thermaltake and our bootcampcafé NeoBarneveld!