Misschien wel de meest besproken Counter-Strike speler is vandaag weer in het nieuws. Vandaag is namelijk bekend geworden dat elemeNt niet langer meer voor mibr zal spelen. In eerste instantie zou elemeNt voor mibr gaan spelen om de overgebleven tijd van zijn contract met NoA te voldoen. Een vrij lastige opgave vooral omdat het voor hem een stap terug is en door het feit dat de communicatie een stuk lastiger gaat. Deze en nog andere redenen hebben er voor gezorgd dat elemeNt heeft besloten niet langer voor mibr uit te komen en terug naar huis te gaan. Het team van mibr is nu als volgt: - veslan - Kikoooo - Cogu - Pava - Pred Statement:
The question of professionalism in e-sports is really a very serious one. There was no way of convincing elemeNt that traveling a lot is not acceptable as an excuse for his not coming to Brazil, as previously agreed at the time he was contracted. The fact is, on being summoned for the All Star Game to be held in Los Angeles between the 18th and 21st May, Ola thought he should only come to Brazil after the event, i.e., he would arrive here for training and participation in the CPL Brazil World Tour as from May 23 – with 4 days for training, and attempting, at least, to minimize the team`s biggest problem – communications. Only with sufficiently intensive training could the problem become less serious, and the team`s administration could not agree with Ola`s position. By way of illustration, last round mibr 14-15 NiP, bomb planted, Pava and elemeNt against Ahl. Pava is killed by Ahl and advises elemeNt: “PORTA”. Since Ola had not familiarized himself with anything in Portuguese and Pava was not used to saying “DOOR” instead of “PORTA”, elemeNt remained on watch at the window, with the expected result – obviously without detracting from Ahl´s merit in the move. These small details could be corrected with 10 to 15 days´ intensive training. The team´s management advised elemeNt to request the All Star Game organization that its ticket be issued for Rio – LA – Rio, instead of Oslo – LA – Oslo, and that it turn its sights toward Rio. The initial agreement did not even foresee Ola´s leaving Barcelona and going to Norway, however, since he alleged the need to settle some private affairs, he was given one week to do so. The team´s management uses and abuses good sense. It´s a pity. The team had everything to get ahead. It´s also a shame that several apocalyptic prophets were right about the forecast of a very short stay in mibr for elemeNt. It´s also a shame that, in practice, the xenophobia practiced by a few is even incited by episodes such as this one. Let´s banish all regrets and get on with work. It´s not just any element will make us give up.
Als het goed is zullen we elemeNt nog wel in actie zien tijdens de E3 in de All Stars Game. Wat hij daarna gaat doen is nog onbekend, wel heeft hij ooit eens genoemt om na deze zomer te stoppen met CS.