Na hele goede resultaten te hebben behaald, had riZe.css de laatste tijd wat interne problemen, in de vorm van line-up veranderingen. Jonner moet nu het veld ruimen voor de speler Krogh.

Statement Krogh: 

Well i have been in SLAP/incorrect since the beginning of my CSS career and i just felt it was time for a new challenge. I really like the guys at SLAP and wish them good luck in the future, however, im now totally focused on helping riZe to EuroCup glory and hope my stay is long and sucessful. P.S. I missed playing with vaNG!"

Statement VnG: 

From this day forward Jonner is no longer a part of riZe gaming. The reason for this has been many small things, things that I wont mention here but they slowed down the team and resulted in a bad atmostphere within the team and between the players. We hope that he is found by another good team in the near future as he is a really good player. Good luck to you, Jonner"

De riZe line-up ziet er nu als volgt uit: