De Nederlandse Gaming organisatie Hard 2 Kill (H2k) heeft zojuist bekend gemaakt dat zij een nieuw Counter-Strike 1.6 team toegevoegd hebben aan hun organisatie. Het betreft het welbekende Noorse team Aftermath.

Aftermath is een Noors Counter-Strike team, dat kort geleden nog haar ticket naar de Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) won door de LAN genaamd The Gathering te winnen, waar ze het in de finale opnamen tegen eXcellence.

De teamcaptain, Thomas "r00fz" Sandvik, zei het volgende:

From the first of June 2006 Team Aftermath is a part of the h2k-gaming organisation. This is an unanimous decision taken by the players and we will be heading of to Amsterdam signing the player contracts shortly. For the team, we will be focusing on whats really our task, to play and perform. We’ve proud to know be playing under the h2k’s wings and we both see a bright future a head. Personaly I really wanna say thanks for all the support from our fans and I really hope you will stick with us and helping climb for the top.

Het management van H2k had het volgende te zeggen:

We are very pleased to announce announce that Aftermath will now be known as H2k-aftermath gaming. Not only are they a world class team, but they have the same vision on esports as H2k gaming. This is a major step forwards for both partys, H2k will now be able to make themselves known within the worldclass counterstike community and Aftermath will be going to Dreamhack, ESWC and CPL, supported by H2k.

Het nieuwe team van H2k ziet er nu als volgt uit:

Ghopi "executeR" Prabaharan
Eirik "draziw" Gulbrandsen
Thomas "r00fz" Sandvik
Oyvind "KunFigur3" Magnestad
Martin "Omen" Moskvil