Adastra, die zich op SLKS#9 in de spotlights speelde, door het toernooi te winnen van diverse topteams, heeft bekend gemaakt dat hnnt de line-up verlaat om veel dingen in real life recht te zetten en om wat tijd voor zichzelf te nemen. Eerder werd na SLKS#9 de speler HaZ al vervangen door caine.

Statement Team Adastra:

This is a very sad day in Adastra history. After our victory at SLKS #9 many of you know HaZ had to leave us because he had promised to play SOF2 with Irl friends. We found a replacement in Peter "caine" Wälimaa, a very skilled and experienced Counter-Strike player. We continued to win a lot of matches together. Everything looked really great and the team worked fine! Unfortunately sometimes great things take a sad turn and today Ted decided to take a break from gaming and leave the team because he had lots of in real life things to sort out. Team Adastra will continue to play all leagues and matches that we have committed to. Thank you Ted "hauNted" Svensson for all the great times we have had in the team and the dedication that you put into the Team, best of luck in the future to you mate.

The player replacing Ted "hauNted" Svensson will be announced in the next few days and we also have some great news regarding the future of Team Adastra as well.

Ted will be missed in the team and we really love you both as a person and a player!

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