Een nieuw project is uit de grond gestampt om de Counterstrike: Source scene een steuntje in de rug te geven. Met het oog op de aankomende SourceTV update, hebben zij een nieuw project opgezet om de coverage van belangrijke Counterstrike: Source matches te verbeteren. Je kunt het vergelijken met, maar dan in de eerste fases.

This project was started Sunday the 7th of May 2006. We started it with the intent on
making esport Source matches more focused and more social on an international basis.

We got more support from the source gaming scene than we could have hoped for and therefore we also decided that we wanted to give this project some more attention. We bought this URL ( ) and we made a new home channel om IRC Quakenet @ (English language only) - where we will stream Livebots and SourceTV information, if available in a match.

We also quickly got a website design made, but we need a guy who will join our team and CODE the website. We also quickly learned that SourceTV isn't such a good program to work with, so we are also searching for people with experience in SourceTV relaying and maybe even with stream lines themselves. (a minimum of 5/5mbit is required)

This will be our temporary website until we have someone code the new site.

Until then you have to join our IRC channel to get information regarding matches.
We hope to announce the website soon, aswell as partnerships with different leagues also.

Thank you for supporting the Source Scene and this project.
On behalf of the team, Naxx


Laten we hopen dat dit mooi kan uitpakken!