Lethalis heeft gisteren bekend gemaakt dat ze een Call of duty 2 hebben toegevoegd. Dit team is een mix uit call of duty 1 spelers o.a Shakota en nieuwe talenten zoals cyaz. Lineup Co Lorre Zjatkop / ki0x cyaz globe (back-up) Statement Shakota
"I'm glad to announce a new cod 2 team @ Lethalis. This is a multigaming clan with 3 Belgian (except the 2 noobies from cod2 team ) squads with call of duty 2 ofcourse, cs and cs: source. Belgian power tbh ! And I think this comes in handy for lans and stuff and especially with the nice people we have now in our cod2 team, realy love you guys !!! last but not least i wanna thank all of you guys who are supporting us, and all the guys from pimpSlappers."
Statement Lethalis
"After our old CoD2 team went inactive, we had a need for a new one. Then we got a request from Angelo "shakota" De Backer. This team exists out of players with ex-clans like dfiance, not-indentified, Dark.alliance. They made it trough the qualifying match and the groupstages after that they got beaten by winner (Team PC Gamer) of the Clanbase Eurocup. These players also achieved some nice individual results."
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