We hebben weer een rondje interviews voor jullie. Te beginnen bij Volcano van Team 3D, geïnterviewd door SK-Gaming. Het is het standaard uitgebreide SK-Gaming interview, waarin wordt gesproken over het verleden, heden en toekomst met zaken als ex-clans, toernooien, CPL WT en WEG, etc.
The big question in the CS scene at the moment is ESWC or CPL? What are your current plans, a lot of teams will try and qualify for ESWC and if they fail then try and go to CPL, what are 3Ds plans? As a team, we have not spoken much about our plans with ESWC and CPL. I suppose we will try to attend all the possible CPL events hosting 1.6 and also attempt to qualify for ESWC as well. Individually, I have been to both of the ESWC events (2003 and 2004), and I must say, it is an absolutely spectacular tournament with an amazing atmosphere and a great staff. I would really love to qualify and represent USA for a third time, but if that doesn't work out, we'll most likely be at the recently announced CPL Summer 1.6 event.
Het hele interview kun je HIER lezen. (registratie vereist) Ook Baldours van de Franse nr1 GoodGame is geïnterviewd en wel door eSlive. Ook dit interview is zeker niet te kort en gaat in op een veeltal aan onderwerpen, zoals CS: Source, CS maps, reizen, toernooien, etc.
What match that you have taken part in has stood out? Why? There are so many that's making a choice is not easy. On the national level it would definetly be my victory over GoodGame at the MastersMSI with my now former team intensity as goodgame was the team to beat and we managed to successfully and clearly pull that off. On the international level I would say that our victory over 4Kings at the CPL qualifier in Oxford as our spirits were low because a few weeks before we had only placed fourth in the French National Cup and were distinctively dominated in that match, but we struggled and fought, and finally won what is to this day my only victory in an international event. (Please note that since then, Baldours has beaten SK.dk, g3x and x6tence in Barcelona, Spain last week).
Het hele interview kun je HIER lezen. (registratie vereist) Tot slot heeft het Italiaanse Play.it Vesslan op video gezet tijdens een interview op de CPL WT Spanje . Dat video interview kun je HIER vinden.