Misschien wel de bekendste clan uit de Call of Duty 2 scene, WHOCREW, heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat zij het weer zullen proberen bij een multigaming clan. De vorige keer dat zij dit deden liep dit uit op een debacle omdat ze inactive werden op het moment dat ze hun nieuwe team joinden. Dit keer zullen ze deel uit gaan maken van het nieuw gevormde RAW gaming. Met de steun van deze nieuwe multigamingclan hopen zij dat ze de grote LANs kunnen gaan bezoeken. Statements van RAW.Cederman en WHO.Fran vind je hieronder.
Cederman schreef:
Esport is on a huge development right now, that is something we all knows. Today Raw Gaming are proud to announce another step in our development. We would like to welcome a new game into our wings, Call of duty 2. After some discussions with WHOCREW, it was not a hard decision at all for us. We felt that the team will fit in perfectly in our organization and we are looking forward to all the events that are waiting in 2006. COD2 is a new game for me, but I have no doubts. This game has a lot of potential to become on of the biggest games out there and to celebrate our new cod2 team, we would like to invite our new fans and visitors to a Poker Freeroll on www.rawpoker.com The tournament is open for registration, and will begin 20:00 CET at 4th of May. Take your chance to beat Raw Gaming in poker, sing up for the freeroll today. Password is: rawpromo For more info visit www.raw-gaming.com
fran schreef:
We are Happy to annouce that we are from this date no longer WHO cod2 team. Our new home will be with Raw Gaming. Raw Gaming will enable us to join an organization who not only sees us as a great team but who are also able to help and support us in what we think will be a great future for us aswell as CoD2. Supported by rawpoker.com we will be able to attend the LAN tournaments that will provide the biggest and best scene for this game to grow on. Together with their CS 1.6 and Quake 4 players we are now Raw Gaming. Dont forget to singup for Raw Gaming Poker Freeroll 4th of May, more info can be found at www.raw-gaming.com Stay tuned, Raw Gaming will release a brand new community homepage next week.