Op de Tek-9 site is een Top-15 lijst uitgegeven van alle Call of Duty 2 teams. Bocerbo, Jetset en crow hebben samen deze lijst samengesteld.
After days of collecting the lists of in total one hundred top European players, from a big number of topteams (33 in total) including Speedlink, TmGamers and Webone, the moment is finally there. Today TeK-9 Networks is proud to announce our Call of Duty 2 Team Rankings, based on the opinion of 100 topplayers. This ranking will not be done on a monthly basis, but when the 'time' is there. However, we are currently working on a new project, a concept for Objective Call of Duty 2 Rankings, together with TmG players Bas "SKO" Dirks and Liam "crow" Crowley. This ranking will be based on performances at LAN, EuroCup and other big competitions and cups (CAL for instance), but is still in the concept phase. A ranking based on the opinions of 100 players was of course not an easy task, but myself, together with TmG player Liam "crow" Crowley and Bob "Bocerbo" van de Voorde have worked hard on this project and these are the results
Het is een interessant lijstje met hoge verwachtingen, vooral voor de teams met recente line-up changes en inactivity. Laten we is gaan kijken of die teams het waar kunnen maken. De volledige lijst is hier te vinden.