sk.gifZowaar een line-up change binnen SK-Gaming vandaag. Nadat het team nog niet heeft kunnen overtuigen na de overgang van The Titans naar SK-Gaming was een verandering op handen. In Spanje speelde zonic al met het team mee, toen slechts als invaller. Dit beviel iedereen echter zo goed dat men besloten heeft de ex- Clan-IT speler definitief op te nemen. De aanleiding, of het gevolg, van dit alles is dat Drally inactief gaat. De nieuwe line-up van SK-Gaming wordt derhalve: zonic eGene calc spx whiMp Drally (inactief)
Before CPL Spain SK Gaming already announced that Danny "zonic" Soerensen from clan-it would be standing in for Drally during the event. Now only a few days after the event the players have decided to take on zonic as a full time member of SK Gaming. Danny is a great guy in and out of the game and this lead to him being an integral part of the team within a couple of weeks. His motivation and skill will be great assets to the team which will be bootcamping a lot more in the future especially with the holidays coming up. With the addition of zonic we of course also have less positive news about Drally who will remain inactive. Here is what SK|calc had to say about the latest recruit : It came clear in Spain that zonic was just the player we needed for our starting 5. Both his potential as a player and overall character fits perfectly into the teams mindset. We feel very confident on developing with him in the future, and expect to have a rising 2005 with him aboard.