Het dames team van immoLate is zojuist verhuisd naar de multigaming clan: KnightS. Naast het verlies van hun dames team zijn er in de organisatie van immoLate enkele problemen waardoor er 1 manager weg is. De voornamelijke reden voor deze overstap is dat ze opzoek zijn naar meer stabiliteit en toekomst mogelijkheden. ImmoLate was eerder bekend onder de naam vet.GAMING. De dames zullen voor het eerst onder de naam Knights spelen op het The Party 4 evenemenent. Daarvoor zullen ze een bootcamp houden om in goede vorm te zijn voor het event. Statement Ladies:
"Last night, the 19th of March, we had a conversation with our team immoLate.Ladies about our future. After this conversation we decided to leave immoLate as a team. We are already in negotiation with a stable management, who have proved themselves in other games. On Thursday, 21:00 CET, we will announce the new organisation. Bye bye immoLate, after playing a while for immoLate we decided to stop. Our decision didn't just fall from the air. We had a great time playing for immoLate, and we want to thank all the girls and the guys on the team for the great time we had together. With love..."
Statement immoLate:
"It is with great sadness that I have to see the girls of immoLate leave. We had quite some laughs at Netgamez 2006A and there were as many plans for immoLate.ladies. Frankly their departure came as somewhat of a suprise for me when I accidently got air of their allready set plans to leave. I can't say anything else than that I find this unprofessional and even a bit childish (no offence). In my honest opinion they should have contacted me first, and then tell me what they have decided, and why they have done so."
Line-up: - Melanie “Gina” M - Ching-Yee “Mandytje” Law - Joëlle “Juull” van Gorp - Petra “Nichya Girl” van den Berg - Laura “Bitch” Veldhuis - Desiree “Dees” Hofman - Conja “StoeiPussy” Culenborg Bron: - website Knights - statement - website immoLate