begrip.jpg Begrip Gaming, die o.a. mee zullen strijden in WEG2, hebben drie nieuwe members aangenomen. Dit was nodig nadat Zad het team had verlaten en cArn en dsn inactief waren gegaan, nadat zij de overstap naar EYEBALLERS niet mochten maken. De nieuwe spelers voor Begrip Gaming zijn f0rest , Tentpole en Robban . Internationaal niet echt grote namen, maar toch opkomende sterren in de Zweedse scene. Samen met Calippo , Iskall en Legenden vormen zij de nieuwe line-up.
Begrip Gaming is proud to announce the signing of three new and exciting players to add to the Swedish Counter Strike team. Patrik "f0rest " Lindberg Many eyebrows were raised last summer when f0rest showed amazing skill when he played for Swedish team, vXo. Since then he has been sharpening his skills and was last seen in Embrace when they took a surprising 2nd place at Optihack. f0rest is a young and very talented player and has already proved himself to be a worthy addition to the Begrip lineup. “I was asked to play with the new Begrip lineup shortly after embrace's downfall. When I saw the lineup that Begrip had in mind, I couldn’t say no”. Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund On the global scene Tentpole might look an unexpected choice for Begrip. Far from it! He has, like f0rest, been extremely active on the Swedish scene and played together with f0rest in vXo and Embrace during this time. From the initial practice sessions these players have already had together, Tentpole has proved to be a very worthy addition to the team. We are delighted he accepted! “When Begrip asked me to play with their new team, I couldn't possibly say no. Begrip is one of the most stable organisations there is, with some of the best players in the world. Hopefully I can help this team evolve to new heights”. Robert “Robban” Dahlström Robban is no newcomer to the Counter Strike scene. He made his breakthrough with team Embrace in 2004. Robban is considered by many to be one of the best players in Sweden and we are delighted that he chose Begrip to carry on his professional gaming experience. “How can you say no to something like this? Really nice guys and a good organisation behind the team. I feel like we have an excellent team”. Begrip Gaming looks forward to many exciting times for 2005 as a result.