Nadat Liquidfire uit pure.eSports was gestapt, bleef hij een tijdje inactive. Na een tijdje inactive zijn, kreeg hij weer de motivatie om Call of Duty 2 te gaan spelen, namelijk bij de Duitse clan Gods.incorporated. De statement van Liquidfire:
A new team, a new future and less whining these three things attracted me to this team. I met them at the netgamez lan, and these guys where great friendly and a bit unlucky because they could have gotten alot higher in the tournament. I`ve talked alot with them at netgamez and we had a couple of beers and had fun. After I left pure.eSports loads of clans contacted me to join them and I played with alot of them. But I simply had the best connection with eventhough we talk german this isn`t really a problem as I can speak german. So for me this is the next logical step, and i`m sure we can archieve great things :D. And as a last thing I would like to give a shoutout to Seifer, yazzy, vooys, ki0x, ofcourse the gods inc team, and all the other people I forgot!
Statement van Gods Incorporated:
For the first time, we met him on mp_dawnville. He jumped into the A-ruins and he knocked us out instantly. For the second time, we met him on the Netgamez 2006A Lan-Event, early march. He turned out as a very friendly and funny person as well as a very skilled player. We had great fun together and eventhough we did not manage to come out of the tournament as we are used to, we had a lot of fun. After Björn left pure.eSports, it was obvious we have to get him into our team. After a lot of testgames while he was forced to speak german we realized he was excactly the player we have searched for.
Het team: Mike "BacK" Thielen Jan "croX" Pretzel Michael "Gamifly" Bense David "kalloe" Rüger Björn "Liquidfire" Pacher Eugen "maYer" Mayer